Family Worship

Parents and children are welcome to attend indoor worship service together! Sundays at 10am. Face coverings and social distance required.  You can choose from two different indoor environments:
  + Family Seating with live music and preaching in the Sanctuary
  + Family table seating with a live stream service, table activities provided
  + Service online in your home (mvcnlife.online.church), live streamed at 10am..

RISE Online!
Where kids gather together online for small group discipleship and online fun! Wednesday nights. Kids dig in to God’s Word, engage in song videos, radio shows, games and theme nights. Click HERE to request additional information about the RISE Online! experience.

KidzRock Box
A free monthly subscription box for your family. Family & Faith delivered to your front door. Each monthly box is designed around the theme of our Family Worship Service at MVCN. Inside each box you will discover games, crafts, treats and engaging ways to encourage your family in faith. Register for a KidzRock Box subscription HERE.

In-Person Services

Do your kids plan to attend in-person? Register below to complete a ONE-TIME registration and to view the Reopening Timeline and COVID guidelines we will be following in KidzRock Ministry.

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We love kids…

We want
  • every child who steps through our doors to know they are loved and valued.
  • weekly worship and events to be shaped by discipleship, learning, friendship and giggles.
  • kids to experience Jesus and become his disciples.
  • kids to discern the voice of God in their life, adventuring with Him through their whole life.

We love parents…

We want parents to
  • know that they are a disciple in their child’s life, knowing that the discipleship that takes place at home is the greatest influence of all.
  • be well-equipped disciples of Jesus, developing spiritual maturity in their life in the context of Christian community.
  • know that KidzRock Ministry volunteers are an echoing voice in a child’s faith life. An echo (at church) of discipleship (at home).


We desire for
  • single parents to know they are welcomed, loved and supported through friendship and encouragement.
  • married parents to know that a loving, faithful and committed marriage is one of the greatest gifts they can give their children.
  • grandparents to know they have an incredible, significant role in the life of a child.

We love volunteer leaders...

We want volunteer leaders to
  • know that they are the heart of KidzRock Ministry.
  • flourish in Christian community… growing in spiritual maturity themselves as they help children cultivate a lifelong relationship with God.
  • celebrate the work that God is doing in them and through them, together.

Jodine Zeitler

Children’s Ministry Assistant


Kelly Bogart

Children's Pastor


Jodine Zeitler

Children’s Ministry Assistant